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Sex, Relationship, and Intimacy Coach

My name is Jamie Azar and I'm a sex, relationship, and intimacy coach, educator, writer, and mindfulness practitioner. I'm here to offer 1-1 coaching with singles,  couples, throuples + to co-create a safe, sex-positive, transformative, liberating, and empowering space that fosters personal and relational growth. I specialize in dismantling limiting beliefs and deconstructing and destigmatizing harmful narrative constructs, to help clients reframe and redefine their understandings of selfhood, sex, sexuality, and relationships. I provide practical methods and tools for helping clients to meet their goals and find greater senses of confidence, self-empowerment, and autonomy. I believe in the importance of accountability, and I develop uniquely individualized resources tailored to individual clients to promote reflection and develop mindfulness. I also integrate somatic therapy, breathing, relaxation, and focus techniques to further encourage the mind-body connection, and to help clients develop tools to regulate their nervous systems. It is my hope that through our work together, you will experience mindful self-development, new pathways for sexual creativity, erotic expression, and a healthier well-being overall.

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Relationship Counseling, Sex Therapy, Intimacy Coaching, Counseling

What I Specialize In

Alternative Lifestyles,




Relationship Building

Intimacy Coaching

 Ethical Dating 

Sexual Creativity

Ethical Non-Monogamy

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